Sunday, September 11, 2011

Thomas the Train Comes to Nashville

Ben took Elliotte to see Thomas the Train on Saturday morning after Lu informed me that Matt was taking Austin. It was a good day for a Daddy/Daughter outing. The tickets included a 25 minute train ride into downtown Nashville. We have lived here our entire lives, and I never knew Nashville had a Tennessee  Railway Museum! Ben said they had a lot of fun, however, a certain toddler decided to be terrible during the train ride. Any guesses who? Enjoy the pics!

Sliding down the inflatable slide while waiting to board the train.

Playing a little golf with best buddy "Aussie"

Daddy/Daughter train ride

Looking out the window. I guess this was before she turned terrible.

Matt and Austin

The buddies

What's that?

Always has a "nack" on hand

View of the Cumberland River from the train

Sleepy girl with her Pinkie Dog lovie

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