Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We had a great Christmas this year. It was so much fun having a little one to spoil. We really didn't go all out this year simply b/c Elliotte will not remember any of it. But we still had fun. Next year will be quite different. I'll have to barricade the tree and put all ornaments out of reach! Still can't believe my baby will be 5 months old on New Year's Eve. That post will come later this week.
Playing in the jumper at Nonna and Pops's house.
Sweet Leah, now 1 month old. Uncle Kyle was rubbing her head.

Dad, Leslie, Clay, and Alex at Nanny & Granddaddy's on Christmas Eve.

Alex, Ashley, Paige, and Dave

Elliotte and her pug puppy we got her for Christmas!

Just kidding! The pug is not ours; he belongs to John, Janene, Alex, Will, Eric & Abby. His name is Treb which is Bert backwards b/c John and Janene had my old pug Allie's brother who was named Bert after our very first pug, Albert. Get all that?

Nanny and Granddaddy with their Great Grand Girls

Treb was a little worn out from all the festivities.

Alex and Will with E

Christmas morning with one of her new toys.

Uncle Kyle

Leslie and Clay with Leah

One of her many gifts from Nonna and Pops

Family pic

Worn out from a busy couple of days

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December Fun

I tried to get a pretty pic of E smiling in front of the Christmas tree in her Chrismas outfit for our card. Of course she did not come close to cracking a smile. The second I took off her dress and laid her on her play mat, she started grinning like crazy. So the first three pics below were on our card. Since we had just sent out birth announcements a couple of months ago, I did not send near as many cards as I usually do. Blame it on the economy...stamps are expensive! So, to all my blogger buddies, Merry Christmas!

Loves getting a bath these days.

Little chicken after her bath

After our pics with Santa. Eli had on a reindeer suit and looked so cute! E, of course, has her hand in her mouth!

Nonna with her girls. Elliotte 4 1/2 months. Leah at 2 1/2 weeks.

Mother/daughter ornament swap at Lu's. Austin, Elliotte and Montgomery were all born within a couple of months of each other.

The kids have doubled since last year! Olivia, Callie, Austin, Elliotte, Montgomery and Clayton.

I thought this pic was funny since Austin was pushing E out of the way and all she cared about was chewing on her hand! You can't really see it, but E has her hand looped around Montgomery's arm (might have to keep an eye on those two).

Monday, December 14, 2009


Elliotte gave Santa a big grin! I couldn't make out what is was she asked him for this year. Probably something to chew on...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Elliotte 4 months!

My sweet, little stink is 4 months old today! I can't believe it. She is growing up way too fast and is getting to be so much fun. It is already hard to remember how little she used to be. Sometimes I just want to squeeze her to death b/c she's so cute! She's starting to be a Daddy's girl which thrills Ben to death.

4 month stats:
15# 10oz (90th%)
24.75inches (75th%)
We're going to have a big girl on our hands!

At 4 months Elliotte:
sleeps 7-9 hours at night
takes a 6 oz bottle every 3 hours during the day
rolls from her tummy to her back
enjoys tummy time for longer periods
sleeps on her tummy
sucks on her fingers all the time
notices everything in the room
only cries when she's hungry
babbles and giggles
smiles all the time
is very versatile, sleeps anywhere
has lots of leg and arm rolls!
loves the changing table

She is such a good baby and we can't imagine our lives without her!

My 4 month old little stink!
Such a sweet girl.

Getting to be as big as Buster! Only 5 more pounds to go!

Happy girl!

Sucking on those fingers.

Getting ready for our first attempt at rice cereal last week!

Didn't go so well. Spit out more than she took in! She did much better when we tried it again today.

Lovin on her Hoover. Hoover is a great babysitter while I get ready in the mornings.

Leah Marie Robinson!

Leah Marie Robinson made her grand appearance at 12:06am on November 25, the day before Thanksgiving. She is just precious! She weighed 6# 6oz and was 19.5inches long. She is tiny! I know Clay and Leslie are tired of hearing me say that, but compared to my chunker, she is a feather! We are so excited to have a new addition to our family and hope Elliotte and Leah grow up to be best friends!

Proud Daddy!

Leah Marie

Proud Pops!

I'm a very happy Aunt!

Uncle Kyle now has 2 neices!

Elliotte was excited to meet her cousin!

Little bit of size difference!

Sweet baby!

Happy family!