Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pics and a video-Random fun!

Here are some random pics from the past few weeks. Elliotte has met her future husband, been to a hayride, rolled over, tried out the Jumperoo, and is smiling like crazy.

L to R: Makayla Smith, Austin Cummings, Elliotte at Hillsboro's preschool hayride. Montgomery Jenkins was there too but he was asleep.
Elliotte and her future husband, Eli Huffard. They already love each other. Eli loves a larger and older woman!

Future in-laws! Me and Carla with the kiddos. We love the Huffards.

Trying out the Jumperoo. She seems to like it even though she's not interested in the toys. She likes to bounce.

Grinning for the camera.

Big grin!

I'm happy!

This is random. I absolutely LOVE Richard Marx. Mom and Dad took Grandmom to a Vince Gill and friends benefit concert for her b'day. Richard Marx was one of the "friends". I was very jealous when I found out b/c they had backstage passes to meet and greet the artists. Mom knew how upset I would be that I didn't get to meet him, so she took one of the posters and wrote "Hi Beth" on the back and had Richard hold it up after telling him how much I loved him. You can see the return love in his eyes I think!

Here is Elliotte rolling over. She's been doing it for a couple of weeks now, but I just got it on video. I have a hard time keeping her on her tummy to play now.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

3 month Sneak Peak

Elliotte had her 3 month pictures with Katie on Tuesday. She did so well and did not fuss one bit. She decided she was going to show off during the shoot and rolled over for the first time! After that, we couldn't keep her on her tummy. She kept doing her new trick. Elliotte did not want to give us good grins and giggles until the end when Katie got the best pic! Enjoy the sneak peak. Can't wait to see all the rest!
Sweet muffin girl! Found the cute hat at Giggles in Brentwood.

Giving us a wink! Total coincidence!

Pic with the pug. They are buddies.

This was literally the final shot. She was happy to be done even though she was great the entire time.

Elliotte 3 months

Elliotte turned 3 months old on Halloween! I can't believe it. She is changing so much every day.

At 3 months she:
Smiles the most when on the changing table
Coos and babbles
Likes to sleep on her stomach
Slept through the night for one week
Sleeps 4-6 hours at
Only takes a bottle
Has lots of rolls
Misses her mommy when gone
Stays with Nonna while I'm at work
Likes her Jumperoo and swing

Happy 3 month old. Check out those rolls!
Giving Buster an evil glance

Cuddling with the curly pug tail