Friday, September 2, 2011

Outdoor Fun!

Elliotte's buddy Montgomery, whom she affectionately calls "Gummy", turned two today! They were born four weeks apart. Heather and Jason hosted a fun, whole family, outdoor water party and cookout. It was a great evening for it since it was HOT! E had a blast playing in the water, cruising on the riding toys and jumping on the trampoline. She definitely enjoys being the only girl in her group of buddies. It's so cute. E and Montgomery will be in the same MDO class this fall, so their teachers better watch out! They are T-R-O-U-B-L-E together!

Gummy taking E for a ride in his John Deere!

These two are adorable!

Oh my word...

Don't they look like an old married couple?! I can just hear their conversation.

She wanted a sip of water!

Splashing around! She drug that elephant sprinkler all over the place and soaked everyone.

Still dragging it....

Still sipping...

Onto climbing.

Bubbles with Daddy.

Back to the elephant. Poor thing, her strap would not stay up!

The three amigos: "Gummy", E, and "Aussie" on the trampoline.

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