Saturday, April 3, 2010

Elliotte 8 Months!

Elliotte is now 8 months old! Seems like I just posted that she was 7 months. She is still not crawling, but is very close. She just might be getting frustrated enough that she'll figure it out here very soon!She gets where she wants to go by rolling all over the place. She does not stay still and is always bouncing, rolling, kicking, etc. She is still such a happy baby. She did have a double ear infection during March and was so pitiful. She actually let me hold her and rock her several nights. Glad the ear infection is better, but I do miss the cudding.

At 8 months Elliotte is:
Sleeping 11-12 hours
Taking 2-3 naps a day
Eating 3 large meals a day
Drinking 2-3, 8oz. bottles a day
Picking everything up off the floor
Still putting everything in her mouth
Wiggling like crazy on the changing table
Rocking back and forth on her knees
Starting to cry when mommy leaves her

8 months old!

Happy Easter from my sweet bunny and her Buster!

Buster is so sweet and patient!

Happy girl!

Some pics from the past month:
After a bath before bed.

She loves to pull down her bumper pads and look out.

Baby jail!

She has also started using her bumper pads as a pillow!
So funny that she figured this out!

Faithie came in town to move Mu and Pu (her parents) and stopped by for a visit. Little Leah is not so little anymore!