Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Childbirth Class

This past weekend, Ben and I attended Childbirth Class at Baptist. I had to attend this class while I was in my OB rotation in nursing school, and I remembered it being very informative. Since I wasn't pregnant at the time, I didn't pay too close attention. Ben went with me kicking and screaming. While in class, he texted, got up and down, went to the bathroom A LOT, and asked me over and over when we could leave. I asked him to please pay attention many times and he replied "I can listen and do other things too!" Yeah right. The lady teaching the class got a big kick out of his inattentiveness. After the two day class was over, he did admit that it was very beneficial and he learned a lot, but that I would tell him how to do everything anyway. Little does he know that there will come a time when I am not thinking like a nurse and am needing him to remind me how I'm supposed to breathe, push, etc. He will see very soon.

I made Ben put on the "empathy belly" so he could feel the weight of pregnancy. He was pretty shocked at how much it weighed. I then asked him to bend over and try to touch the floor. He couldn't do it....
Showing off his belly.
I had my 32 week apt. this afternoon. I am now measuring 2 weeks ahead, but my weight gain is perfect. So, I will have another US at 36 weeks to determine her size. Elliotte has now been labeled "LGA" which means large for gestational age. I hope that label does not follow her the rest of her life!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding!

After a year of waiting and planning, Drennon is finally Mrs. McMurray!! I've never seen two people so in love and so happy. Drennon and Will are truly perfect for each other. I had the privilege to be Drennon's Matron of Honor last night as she married Will. I was so honored. It was a beautiful ceremony at Christ the King and then a very fun reception was held at Belle Meade Country Club. Everyone had a blast and Drennon and Will are headed to Jamaica in the morning for a well deserved week of relaxing!

Lunch at LaPaz on Thursday to start off the wedding festivities. We ate with Drennon's aunt and uncle and Barbara Jo.

After lunch, we headed to Signature to get our fingers and toes done.

Cocktails at the Greenhouse Thursday night. None for me.

Bridesmaid's luncheon at the Centennial Club hosted by Will's grandmother. Will has the sweetest family, and I'm so happy to have gotten to know them so well.

Will's groom's cake at the rehearsal dinner at The University Club at Vandy. The helmets are MBA, where Will went to high school and now teaches, and Davidson, where Will went to college and played football.

Rehearsal Dinner. Many sweet and funny stories were told about the couple.
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Me, Megan, and Rach Heff.
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The happy couple getting pictures taken before the ceremony. Drennon was breathtaking and Will was so handsome!
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Me and "The Babe." Drennon's dress was pearls, pleats, and a bow which sums her up perfectly.

Bus ride to the reception.

Heading to the reception. They were SO happy.

Cake cutting. Yummy Betty Dean cake!

At the reception.

Ben and the bride.

Ben and the groom.

Exiting to a crowd of lighted clappers! Off to Jamaica!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Maternity Pics

Last week we had Katie Mosley (www.kmosleyphotography.com) come to the house to take some maternity pictures before it got too hot and I got huge and swollen. Ben wasn't excited about the idea ("why do we need those?"), but I didn't really give him a choice. I am so happy with the ones I have seen so far that I had to post them. These were from the "sneak peak" Katie does on Facebook. She captured just what I wanted...casual and sweet. I wanted pics of us at our house with the dogs of course. They didn't behave quite as well as I wanted, but what can you expect when you want three dogs to look at the camera at the same time and one of them is deaf (poor Buster). Katie did most of the pics in the backyard and then took pics of us and the dogs out on our front porch. Enjoy!

Is it bad that this may be my favorite? I just love my little man!

29 week belly

Sweet Hoover licking her daddy. Belle and Buster were in this shot too, but they must have been misbehaving. They were by my legs.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Elliotte's Nursery

Well, Elliotte's nursery is about 90% finished! I was so excited that I had to go ahead and post pictures. Victoria Owens, "The Material Girl," did all the bedding and curtains. I could not be happier with them. I wanted bright, fun, and funky, and that's what I got. I knew I wanted green, black, pink, and coordinating colors. Victoria and I went to three different fabric stores to find all the fabrics. Circles and dots are the fabric theme and the accents are pugs, of course! Check out Victoria's blog at the bottom of my blog list to the right.
I had my 30 week dr. apt. yesterday, and everything looks great. I am measuring a week ahead right now. She should be around 3 pounds. Elliotte is kicking me like crazy and making it very hard to sit up straight. She prefers me reclining which is not always possible!

View of the nursery from the door. Yes, I know the chair is brown. We got it 50% in chocolate. I'm getting Victoria to make a slip covers so it matches.

Pug art above the crib. I saved a calendar from a couple of years ago and used the prints.

Bright, cheerful curtains!

Another view. I'm hanging a shelf on the wall above the chair beside the curtains for some more shelf space. We've got to paint it first.

Dresser/changing table (minus the changing pad). I added pink knobs with hearts on them b/c the black knobs were too boring. If you look closely you can see the pug light switch cover! Belle seems to like it.

Close up of the bumper and crib skirt. The inside of the bumper is the same pink on the skirt. I love the ric rac on the bottom of the skirt!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Family Baby Shower

This past Saturday I attended my family baby shower at Aunt Kim's house. It was hosted by Aunt Kim, Aunt Janene, and Nanny. To say that they went all out would be an understatement. The decorations were so beautiful. Aunt Kim had clear, pink pacifiers attached to her front porch topiaries with pink bows. She had Paige's old baby stroller and baby doll on the food table as the centerpiece. Hot pink roses were also on the table in silver trumpet vases. Betty Dean made all the food, and it was delicious brunch food. I was so flattered that so many of my family members were able to attend the shower. My Aunt Marian drove up from Atlanta to represent the Robinson side that lives down there. My mom, grandmothers, two best friends, great aunts, aunts, cousins (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th!), and even my great, great Aunt Sara were all there. It was such a special shower. I received so many pretty things for Elliotte. Everyone was so thoughtful. Sorry for all the pics, but I couldn't leave some of them out! I had over 80 to choose from...

Baby and baby stroller as the centerpiece on the beautiful table.
Larger view of the table and some of the food.

Me and mom.

Aunt Janene, me, Nanny, and Aunt Kim-the hostesses.

Outside crew enjoying their brunch.
L to R: Leslie, Paige, Meredith, April, Carole, and Alex.

My cousins (John and Janene's kids) each gave me a book that was their favorite growing up. They each wrote a little note on the inside of the book. Eric wrote "this is a great book!" It was so sweet.

Besties Drennon and Jennifer. Jennifer came from Dallas for the weekend to attend the shower. She's preggers with her third baby due in October. Drennon gets married next Saturday the 20th!!!

Elliotte's first swim suit. Hopefully we'll go to Destin this fall so she can wear it.

Heirloom gown from Nanny. This is a "Ben don't touch" dress!

Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls made by Mrs. Miller.

Cinde (Dad's sis in law), Aunt Marian (Dad's sister), and Grandmom (Dad's mom)

Cute dress for next summer.

Me and my great, great Aunt Sara. She hand stitched a pink bonnet and blanket for Elliotte. Something I will treasure forever. She will be Elliotte's great, great, great Aunt!

Aunt Kim made these cookies with Elliotte's name on them as favors. They were almost too pretty to eat!

Nanny, me, and Grandmom