Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve this year was held at mom and dad's. My mom's side of the family always celebrates Christmas Eve together. We eat a big meal and then play dirty santa with gift cards. Dirty santa was especially dirty this year! I love it! I look forward to this night more than any other because I truly love being with my family and continuing this long tradition! This year was especially fun since the girls had fun opening their presents. They definitely cared more about the wrapping and tissue paper than the gifts!

Nonna and Pops with their girls
Nanny with her great grandgirls

Nonna and Nanny with their girls

E was comparing her Elmo and Big Bird with Leah's. Yep, they are the same!

Opening a present

Still opening...

Modeling her new hat that Aunt Kim made

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book with figurines. A huge hit!

Abbs and E. The dress E is wearing is one Janene made for Alex and then Abby wore it. So special!

Breakfast with Santa

We went to breakfast with Santa at Hillsboro earlier this month. I was really worried about how E would react to Santa, but she surprised me and did really well. She didn't want to give him a hug and a kiss or anything, but she also didn't scream bloody murder! We had fun watching all the kiddos react to Santa and Mrs. Claus.
The appetizer of Cheerios and raisins
Not too bad!

Am I done yet?

Girls Weekend

Earlier this month, I took a much needed road trip to Clinton, TN (outside Knoxville) for a high school girls weekend at Su's house. Lu and I drove up on Friday morning. Kristen joined us that night. Then Claire made it on Saturday morning. We had a blast eating, shopping, talking and eating some more! I don't think we went to bed before 1am either night. Hotel Su is a five star resort! I highly recommend it! The only downside to our trip was the snow that made us leave early on Sunday morning. Other than that, it was the perfect weekend!

The Girls: Claire, Kristen, Su, Me and Lu
Lu, Su, Me, Kristen and Claire

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Elliotte 16 Months

Elliotte turned 16 months old on November 30th or December 1st. Those with 31st birthdays get to choose! I can't believe E is so big! My baby has turned into a little girl (complete with little girl attitudes!). I have enjoyed watching her learn and explore. Nothing is off limits with this one! She's curious and determined but also so sweet. She kisses my mom's knee that has had a replacement! We have so much fun these days!

At 16 months Elliotte:
Doesn't say much but understands what we tell her
Knows most animals and can point them out
Knows all the family and points to them or looks at them when you say their names
When you ask her what a cat says, she yells "YOW" for meow
LOVES Mickey Mouse and Elmo (she goes nuts when the "hot dog" song comes on)
Gives kisses and hugs all the time
Still takes 2 naps a day. She loves her bed and Pinkie, her lovie.
Loves books, especially peek-a-boo books
Still eats everything we put in front of her
Has had 2 black eyes (more on that later)
Can spot a dog a mile away and has to go see it
Goes to MDO 2 days a week and can't wait to get to her class
Still puts everything in her mouth
Has worn her first (tiny) bow :)

16 month stats:
Length: 33 inches (95% we knew that one was coming!)
Weight: 24#2oz (60%)

Family pic on Thanksgiving
Leah's 1st b'day party. She turned 1 on Nov. 25th. These two are going to be trouble...

Black eye :( E decided to dive off of the changing table when I bent down to pick up her milk. This was her 2nd black eye. Didn't get a pic of the first one. A daredevil, this one.

Big cheese even with a black eye

This girl loves to slide. The taller the better. Feet first, head first, backwards, sideways, doesn't matter.

Swinging at the park on a beautiful November day.

These two are buds.

Little turkey

A brief moment of stillness...

Vroom, Vroom! Riding her truck.

Drinking and riding. Uh oh...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving this year was very different from all the rest. Since we lost Granddaddy in September, everyone told us to do something different for the Holidays this year. We normally have both sides of the family over at my parents' house for a big lunch, but this year, just my mom's side of the family got together for lunch at Richland. It was definitely different. The food was excellent of course, but the atmosphere was not homey. Mom and Ashley were sick, so they weren't there. It was just a hard Thanksgiving having lost Granddaddy and it being the one year anniversary of my cousin Misty's death. But we had a good time being together, and that's what it's all about.

Family Pic by Alex. Alex took most of the pics. She's our photographer now that Granddaddy is gone.

Ezell side of the family minus Mom and Ashley and my sweet Granddaddy
Love E's face in this one!

Abby Lou and Elliotte

Leah lovin her bottle

E and her Pops

I think she was in a food coma at this point. The girl was putting away some food!

Paige and Dave left for Tuscaloosa after lunch, so Dave had Bear in the truck. Elliotte had to pat the puppy...

Another family pic

Nanny and her great-grandgirls

Uncle Kyle and his girls

I love this picture! Nanny looks like she's doing her trademark "Now if it were me, I would..." And Will and Eric are thinking "Oh boy..."

Alex (our photographer), Aunt Kim, Abby, Nanny and Janene. Love these ladies!