Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm a Winner!!

Well, we're all winners, at least that's what our parents tell us. But, a few weeks ago, I actually won a real-life giveaway. Not only did I win one; I won TWO! I'm not bragging (maybe just a teeny bit), I just want y'all to know that you can win too!

While I was standing in line at a consignment sale getting ready to push and shove quickly walk to the 2T girls section, I received an email from Ashley Mills at The Handmade Home telling me I had won the WUSLU giveaway she hosted on her blog! I was so excited I may have started cheering at my phone! I LOVE the WUSLU daily deals (LOVE Ashley's blog too, check it out if you haven't already), so I couldn't  wait to see what they would have to offer in the coming days.

When I saw this wire caddy with six glass bottles offered, I scooped it up! I knew it would add the perfect touch to our den.

I clipped some pretty, purple flowers (I don't know flower names unless they are roses, daisies, or mums!) from our yard, and I think they are perfect for these bottles! They were also the only flower growing in our yard at the time...

Thank you Ashley!

To add even more to the excitement that week, I received an email from Beth Hunter from Home Stories A to Z telling me that I was one of the winners of the giveaway! I had won any slipcover that they sold on their website! Wooo Whoooo!! I've been wanting a slipcover for our den sofa so badly but didn't want to pay $150 for one. The slipcovers offered on are mostly from a place that rhymes with Lottery Yarn (the tag on the slipcover proves it!). They can't advertise where they get their slipcovers since they are overstock or damaged in some unseen way. I can't find a thing wrong with mine!

It took quite a bit of ironing and finagling, but I finally got the thing to look decent. Slipcovers are not for the faint of heart. When I do a post on our den rearrangement, you'll be able to see how bad the couch was before. It's quite an improvement and really lightens the room! Thanks Beth!

It really does pay to enter all the blog contests out there! I'm proof! Now, go and enter something!
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Carole @ Blue Chateau Interiors said...

You're right - it does pay to enter blog giveaways and legit website contests.

I've won lots of great stuff, including an iPad2!


Terrie (Nonna) said...

And this is the child who told me years ago she had no creative bone in her body! Way to go, Beth! I am so proud of you and the DIY'er you've become. Congrats on winning.
Love you, Mom