Monday, August 29, 2011

Quiet Book

I wanted to make Elliotte something special for her 2nd birthday. I decided on a quiet book after doing A LOT of online research. I stalked Pinterest and lots of blogs (links to sources are bolded). My goals in making the quiet book were that it should be gender neutral (I didn't want to make an entire new book should we have a boy next), and I wanted to be able to add pages in the future. The book measures about 11x11 inches and has some thin batting between the pages to keep it soft (and quiet!). If you can sew a straight line and know how to use your sewing machine on a beginner's level (I've only been sewing about 5 months), you too can make one of these! I love the fact that it is handmade and will be enjoyed for many years to come.

For the front and back covers, I used fabric I already had on hand. I thought it was fun and colorful. The book stays closed with a velcro flap and grommets will allow me to add pages in the future.

Since E loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I had to include a Mickey page. His red pants pull back to reveal a small pocket. Felt apples button on and off the apple tree on the 2nd page. The apple tree design was inspired by this blog.

Ice cream scoops velcro on and off the cones for a mix n match look. The ladybug unzips so E can hide things inside. This was my first zipper!

The red, felt barn doors open to reveal five friendly farm animals that are finger puppets! The puppets were bought from cherylasmith on etsy. They are absolutely adorable and E loves them! I found the barn template here.

The next page is a sun and grass page so E can create a "farm scene" with her animals.

This page about made me want to strangle someone! Each number has buttons to help E learn to count. It's not the best looking page in the book (check out #6!), but she really likes it. Thank goodness my sewing machine does buttons!

She had to have a mailbox to receive all her mail. The flap folds down so E can put notes and cards inside. The flag goes up and down too! The mailbox template was found here.

And here's my favorite page!!! This page is 100% original, and I am so proud of it! The pug's ears are floppy in true pug fashion. Too bad it's not real...

The final two pages allow E to dress up a doll. The undergarments are velcro, so the clothing will stay put! The right page is a large pocket to store the doll's clothes. I still need to make a few more outfits. The template for the doll and clothes was found here.

The End!

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pretty & Functional Jewelry Display

Pinterest really is a source for unbelieveable inspiration (and it's free)! I think all of my summer projects came from Pinterest! E broke the case that used to hold all my necklaces, so I needed a new way to store them. I had seen this jewelry display on Pinterest and knew I could make one too. I found a basic frame on sale at Michael's (I think, could have been JoAnn's) and bought a roll of chicken wire at Home Depot.

I cut the chicken wire to fit the frame and the hot glued it to the back. Gluing chicken wire is not super easy since it doesn't like to lay flat. I had to hold each wire in place until the glue dried. Not hard, but time consuming.

I then spray painted the frame with Rustoleum's Heirloom White and distressed it with some sand paper to give it a worn look. I added five small nails across the top of the frame to hold my necklaces.

Not too shabby huh?

I hung it then added my earrings and necklaces. Functional storage that also acts as wall art!

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Fall Wreath

I've been doing a lot of DIY projects around the house since I've had the summer off from teaching the future nurses of America. For some reason, I waited until all four months of my summer break had passed and decided to post some projects the week school started! Not my best idea...
Last night, I completed a fall wreath for our front door. This was my inspiration wreath via Pinterest (LOVE PINTEREST!):

So, E and I went to JoAnn's yesterday and scored some great fall fabric from the clearance section. Then we went to Home Depot for some air duct elbows. I got some pretty funny looks from the Home Depot workers as I twisted and turned those elbows to make 90 degree angles so four would fit together. I dropped them several times too making a lot of racket. They make them adjustable now, so you have to twist them all sorts of ways to make them fit together. I would have much preferred the classic 90 degree elbow.

Here's my assortment of fabric and yarn:

I made several fabric rosettes by ripping a long piece of fabric and the twisting, turning, and hot gluing the fabric as I went. Here's the tutorial I followed to make the rosettes.

I backed the fabric in felt so I would have something solid to hot glue to the wreath. I did this for each fabric rosette.
I debated on wrapping the metal in some burlap. I wanted to see some of the metal, but in the end, I wrapped the whole thing in several strips of burlap. I like the texture it gives the wreath.

Here's my trusty helper who kept me company.
I also wrapped some brown and orange yarn around the wreath for some more fall color. Looking back, I think I would have used a little more yarn. I then glued the rosettes to the wreath and tore another strip of fabric to use as a hanger.

Here's the finished product! I really love it. It looks great hanging on the door.

The rosettes turned out great!

View from the sidewalk.
This was such an easy project, and I love how it turned out!

The Fair and Elmo

We took Elliotte to the Williamson County Fair a couple of weeks ago. We had never been before and didn't really know what to expect out of E. She loved it! Our little daredevil loved the rides and the little farm.

Here we are on a ride that looked innocent, but it spun around really fast! E loved it!

The carousel

Pinkie dog

She rode Nemo all by herself! Four times!

Little farmer

Milking a cow. It's in her blood.

We also went to see Elmo at Learning Express with Austin and Montgomery. E loves Elmo! She was unsure at first, even though she had seen him before, but when she warmed up, she was all over him!

Giving Elmo a kiss!

These three are trouble!

E, "Gummy", and "Aussie"

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Elliotte Turns Two!

Elliotte turned two on July 31st! Two years really flew by. She is so much fun, and I always tell people she is a boy in a girl's body. She is crazy, loud, determined, daring, independent, and so sweet. At two years old, Elliotte:

Says "I Lee" for I Love You; Loves all dogs; Reads Goodnight Gorilla before nap and bedtime every day; Likes to use a spoon; Loves her friends Eli, "Baby Sam", Teague, "Aussie", and "Gummy"; Her best friend is cousin Leah; Loves to go to church; Favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, Agent Oso, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates; Favorite foods are cheese, beans & rice, chicken, mac & cheese, fruits, and veggies (great appetite); Likes to color and trace her hands; Wants to brush her teeth and wash her hands all the time; Knows her colors; Only sits still to read a book before bed; Drinks milk and water; Has to have ice in her water; Takes her Pinkie dog lovie everywhere and hold it to her nose while sucking her three middle fingers; Says "Oh me, Oh my, Aw shoot, Oh dear, Oh no, and Oh gosh"; asks to pray at mealtimes and bedtime; can tell you she is TWO!

Weight: 29 pounds (75%)

Height: 36 5/8 inches (97%)

Birthday morning checking out her balloons

Looking at the quiet book I made her for her big day

A pug page!

Her big present was a play kitchen

And a Cozy Coupe!

Had a wreck on the first day!

B'day cake

Uncle Kyle and Aunt (hopefully really soon!) Erin

Opening gifts with Leah's help

Time to blow out the candle!

She loved her cake!

Nonna and "Ba" with their girls

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