Friday, July 31, 2009


First, an Elliotte update...
I had my 36 week ultrasound and doctor's apt. yesterday morning. Elliotte is estimated to weigh somewhere around 7 1/2 pounds! She's a big girl already! I feel like she's a long baby too since her head is way down in my pelvis, and her butt is still pretty high up. She was practicing her breathing on the US, so she's getting ready. She was completely healthy. Her heart and kidneys looked great. I am almost 3cm dilated and about 80% effaced which is great for 36 weeks. Still, my OB doesn't think I'll go into labor on my own. At my next apt on Thursday, we will schedule an induction for 39 weeks which will be around Aug. 19th. So there is an end in sight! I really hope she comes on her own before then, but I'll take whatever I can get. My OB said she would not let me labor for too long since we know she will be big. The second it looks like she's not coming out easily, she will take me for a C-section. Bless Dr. Haney. Love her.
Sorry I don't have any US pics. When the baby is that big, there's just not much to see. She wouldn't show us her face, of course. Being stubborn again.

Now, a Ben update...
He got an email yesterday saying that he was on the "Eligibility Register" for the Metro EMT position. This means he is on the list that they will pull from when they hire. This is GREAT news!! We know nothing more than that. Metro likes to keep you guessing. Ben was told when he took the last test that the next step would be a background check, drug test, and driving record check. He'll pass all those just fine, and then there will be an interview. Please keep praying for this job. It's very important to us in more ways than you know!

I'll keep you posted...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hillsboro Church Shower

Ben and I are so blessed to attend Hillsboro Church of Christ. I've been a member since I was 10 and can't imagine going anywhere else. We have such good friends at Hillsboro, and we love our class and small group. This past Sunday was my church baby shower. There were so many gifts, and everyone was so generous! Elliotte will be one well-dressed and well-read little girl! I love getting books as baby gifts, and Elliotte received a lot of sweet books. Thanks to all the hostesses who threw my shower. It was so nice and the dessert was very yummy!

Hostesses: Vera, Catherine, Brittney, Janet, me, Meredith, Courtney, Cristie, and Kim
Drennon gave Elliotte her first Madame Alexander doll and instructed me to let her play with it and not set it on a shelf like ours were!

Camo bib for Ben from Mrs. Connie

Hand made booties and quilt!

Leslie, me, and Mom. Can you tell that Leslie is 19 weeks pregnant? Neither can I!
We found out the day after the shower that Clay and Leslie are having a GIRL!! We are so excited, and can't wait for Elliotte to grow up with her cousin. Her name is Leah Marie Robinson.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Perfect Dog

Since most of my posts will soon be dedicated to a precious baby, I decided to do a "Hoover" post today. Last night I was watching TV and both pugs were in the den with me. Hoover was somewhere else having "alone" time away from the pugs. She does this every so often. When I went to bed, I found out where she was having her precious time our bed. Now, the dogs are not usually allowed in the bed b/c of all the hair. Hoover is the only one that can jump up onto the bed b/c it is too tall for the pugs. Hoover was so comfortable and sweet that I almost let her stay in the bed. Buster loves to cuddle with his Hoover to go to sleep, so I knew that was not an option. He would freak out if she wasn't in bed with him. He is slightly co-dependent.

Hoover really is the perfect dog. She does exactly as she is told, and sometimes I think she can read my mind. I look at her, and then she does what I'm thinking. Mutts really do have something about them that makes them so smart. My pugs are smart, but this dog puts them to shame. She is going to be such a good "dog mom" to Elliotte. I can picture Hoover sitting patiently beside her and letting Elliotte climb all over her. She will be protective and playful. I love my sweet Hoovs Doovs!!

All cuddled up and comfy.
Luckily she was on Ben's side of the bed.