Sunday, August 22, 2010

Elliotte 1 Year!!

In the blink of an eye, this 7#11oz bundle of joy turned into...
This precious, happy one year old!!

Happy Birthday on July 31st!

I completely dropped the ball in scheduling E's 12 month check up, so I won't have any stats until Sept...She did weigh 21#12oz a couple of weeks ago when she had an ear infection. She's long and thin.

At 12 months, Elliotte:

is taking several unassisted steps

still only has two teeth (on the bottom)

is never still, always on the go

recognizes people's names and looks at them

is getting tubes in her ears

LOVES mexican food

never refuses any food

is determined, stubborn, independent & curious (all traits she gets from yours truly)

goes by "stink" "poo" "lovie" "punkin" "sweet pea" "E" and who knows what else!

Elliotte is the most amazing blessing! I thank God for bringing her into our lives every day. It's amazing how I can't imagine life without her now. Experiencing life through her eyes is the most wonderful gift, and I can't imagine loving anything more! A smile from my baby instantly makes me happy. This first year has been so much fun that I can't wait for the years to come! We love you precious "stinky poo"!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Elliotte! Family Party

Elliotte turned one year old on July 31st!! We celebrated with a Pug themed family party at my parents' house. I didn't want to do anything big since she's not going to remember it, so we had pug cake and ice cream. We had fruit too, but guess who forgot to get it out of the fridge?!

Elliotte did so well. She was a tiny bit overwhelmed with so many people in one place, but never cried. She had fun opening her presents and eating her 2nd smash cake. Elliotte's dress was extra special because it was the dress I wore for my 1st birthday. I was so excited we still had it and that it fit her. Many cousins have worn that dress too. She looked so cute in her "vintage" dress!

The pug table. All the pugs made it to the party!
The cake from Publix! I was so impressed!

She and her Pops are obsessed with each other!

Aunt Cinde, Leah and Grandmom

Family pic

Aunt DD and Uncle Will are E's family too!

Cousin Paige and Aunt Kim

Riding on her horsey from Nonna and Pops

Everyone was singing Happy Birthday to her

Time to eat cake!

Going in head first again

All finished! She went straight to the tub!


Uncle Kyle

Will, Abby, Eric, Aunt Janene and Uncle John

Nanny and Granddaddy

Aunt Claire finally made it to the party after having to travel from a family reunion in the boonies of KY!

Happy Birthday Elliotte! Friends Party

My baby is one year old!!! Last Tuesday, we had a few friends over for a small birthday party. Lu, Callie and Austin, and Curry and Neelley came over to help Elliotte celebrate her first birthday. We missed Eli, Montgomery and Leah! E had a great time smashing her cake and opening presents. We had spinach quiche, fruit and cinnamon rolls for lunch and cake for dessert, of course. This was kind of a trial run for her bigger family party that was on her real birthday.
New lion toy from mommy and daddy. She bounces up and down when the music comes on.
Curry, Neelley and Austin eating lunch. I didn't get Lu in a pic b/c she was doing the videoing.

The table

Sweet Callie brought E two of her balloons from her b'day party.

The cake from Publix.

Going in head first. She loved it!

Making some progress...

Getting full

The damage! She did pretty well for her first cake!