Thursday, June 24, 2010

Elliotte 10 Months

Now that E is almost 11 months old, I decided I better go ahead and get her 10 month pics on here. I still can't believe how fast time is flying. I better start thinking about her first birthday party soon, or it will be gone! I'm thinking a pug theme...

At 10 months Elliotte:
Eats 3 big girl meals, never refuses anything
Loves Cheerios and yogurt
Drinks 2 bottles, one mid morning and one before bed
Sleeps about 11 hours at night
Takes 2 naps
Is all over the place!
Is cruising on the furniture & starting to climb
Has 2 bottom teeth
Is learning to give kisses
Is going to MDO on Thursdays and loves it
Is getting long and thin

Happy 10 month old baby girl!
Loves all her pug animals. They make her smile every time.

Still loves her Bubba brother

Curious about the dishwasher

Going for a stroll around the neighborhood