Saturday, August 27, 2011

Elliotte Turns Two!

Elliotte turned two on July 31st! Two years really flew by. She is so much fun, and I always tell people she is a boy in a girl's body. She is crazy, loud, determined, daring, independent, and so sweet. At two years old, Elliotte:

Says "I Lee" for I Love You; Loves all dogs; Reads Goodnight Gorilla before nap and bedtime every day; Likes to use a spoon; Loves her friends Eli, "Baby Sam", Teague, "Aussie", and "Gummy"; Her best friend is cousin Leah; Loves to go to church; Favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, Agent Oso, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates; Favorite foods are cheese, beans & rice, chicken, mac & cheese, fruits, and veggies (great appetite); Likes to color and trace her hands; Wants to brush her teeth and wash her hands all the time; Knows her colors; Only sits still to read a book before bed; Drinks milk and water; Has to have ice in her water; Takes her Pinkie dog lovie everywhere and hold it to her nose while sucking her three middle fingers; Says "Oh me, Oh my, Aw shoot, Oh dear, Oh no, and Oh gosh"; asks to pray at mealtimes and bedtime; can tell you she is TWO!

Weight: 29 pounds (75%)

Height: 36 5/8 inches (97%)

Birthday morning checking out her balloons

Looking at the quiet book I made her for her big day

A pug page!

Her big present was a play kitchen

And a Cozy Coupe!

Had a wreck on the first day!

B'day cake

Uncle Kyle and Aunt (hopefully really soon!) Erin

Opening gifts with Leah's help

Time to blow out the candle!

She loved her cake!

Nonna and "Ba" with their girls

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Ben Miller said...

You are an awesome mom and wife! You keep this family together. I am so blessed to have you and E in my life.