Monday, August 29, 2011

Quiet Book

I wanted to make Elliotte something special for her 2nd birthday. I decided on a quiet book after doing A LOT of online research. I stalked Pinterest and lots of blogs (links to sources are bolded). My goals in making the quiet book were that it should be gender neutral (I didn't want to make an entire new book should we have a boy next), and I wanted to be able to add pages in the future. The book measures about 11x11 inches and has some thin batting between the pages to keep it soft (and quiet!). If you can sew a straight line and know how to use your sewing machine on a beginner's level (I've only been sewing about 5 months), you too can make one of these! I love the fact that it is handmade and will be enjoyed for many years to come.

For the front and back covers, I used fabric I already had on hand. I thought it was fun and colorful. The book stays closed with a velcro flap and grommets will allow me to add pages in the future.

Since E loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I had to include a Mickey page. His red pants pull back to reveal a small pocket. Felt apples button on and off the apple tree on the 2nd page. The apple tree design was inspired by this blog.

Ice cream scoops velcro on and off the cones for a mix n match look. The ladybug unzips so E can hide things inside. This was my first zipper!

The red, felt barn doors open to reveal five friendly farm animals that are finger puppets! The puppets were bought from cherylasmith on etsy. They are absolutely adorable and E loves them! I found the barn template here.

The next page is a sun and grass page so E can create a "farm scene" with her animals.

This page about made me want to strangle someone! Each number has buttons to help E learn to count. It's not the best looking page in the book (check out #6!), but she really likes it. Thank goodness my sewing machine does buttons!

She had to have a mailbox to receive all her mail. The flap folds down so E can put notes and cards inside. The flag goes up and down too! The mailbox template was found here.

And here's my favorite page!!! This page is 100% original, and I am so proud of it! The pug's ears are floppy in true pug fashion. Too bad it's not real...

The final two pages allow E to dress up a doll. The undergarments are velcro, so the clothing will stay put! The right page is a large pocket to store the doll's clothes. I still need to make a few more outfits. The template for the doll and clothes was found here.

The End!

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Stacey said...

I am SUPER impressed Beth! I am not crafty, but I think I just might have to attempt to make one of these for Ainsley! Great job!

The Benders said...

Amazing Job, Beth!

Make sure to show my mom at church - she will be SO impressed!

Beth said...

Thanks Stacey! It wasn't too hard just very time consuming for about a week!

Beth said...

@The Benders
Thanks LeeAnne!

Vanessa said...

Super cute, I'll have to make a quiet book for my little guy! I would love for you to link it up at my Do Something Crafty linky party: