Sunday, November 2, 2008

Leslie's Bachelorette Party

A pic of our food setup.

All the girls at the wine tasting. We got to try four wines. Some of us had five!

Being silly with all the bottles of wine. Most were still full...we weren't THAT bad.
Front row: Shana, Brittney, Brandi, me
Back row: Lindsey, Elizabeth, Leslie, Catherine, Callie

Last night we celebrated Leslie's last weekend as a single gal. We went to Arrington Vineyards in Franklin. I had never been there, and I was really impressed. Lindsey Felts planned the party, and we all brought finger foods so we could have a picnic on the grounds. We didn't have a picnic, we had a feast which attracted all kinds drunk wine tasters. It was quite interesting. We did get two bottles of wine given to us by a guy who was facinated by our bachelorette party. He quickly was scolded by his girlfriend/wife who then proceeded to steal four of Lindsey's homemade cupcakes! It got out of hand, but all ended well when they were asked to leave! We had a great time at the wine tasting. We all had some Raspberry dessert wine that was really good! They were a little skimpy with the wine at the tasting, but some of us were able to manage to taste five wines instead of four. It's not our fault if they couldn't keep up with how many we had tried already. All in all it was a fun night to end Leslie's party season. Next week is the wedding, and I know they can't wait. Me either! I've been waiting my whole life for a sister!

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Cristie said...

Looks like y'all had a good time, I have been wanting to go to Arrington!