Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday Night Football

Ben and I were very fortunate to be in attendance of the Titans/Colts game last night. I always ask for the tickets to the Colts game b/c I love Peyton Manning. We (really Dad) have great seats on the 40 yard line, 5 rows from the field. We sit with a bunch of our Ezell family, so it makes for a fun game. Last night's game was great! I was so glad we went. It was a little chilly, but that's football weather. They gave out light blue t-shirts to everyone as we entered the game so we could have a "code blue" in the stands for Monday Night Football. I already had on light blue, so I didn't wear mine. I was especially glad to have my new camera at the game last night b/c I got some great pics. I've posted some below. Way to go Titans! 7-0!

T-Rac driving out on his cart with sparklers as the Titans are introduced.

Titans on offense

Colts on offense. Peyton is in the middle of the three guys on the left.

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Zach and Kim said...

Beth I did not know you had a blog? You are a great blogger too! Happy Late Birthday and love your new camera.