Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am thankful for...

This Thanksgiving for me will be spent at Baptist Hospital taking care of my Oncology patients. It's part of the price I have to pay for working in the hospital. We rotate holidays. Since I won't be with my family tomorrow, I decided to think about for what I am thankful...

1. My wonderful husband-he leaves me notes, gives me little gifts, tells me I'm beautiful and smart, almost always lets me have my way, and loves my dogs almost as much as I do!
2. My family-we are so close, and I'm grateful that almost all of them (immediate and extended) live within a few miles. I am thankful that I have grown much closer to my brothers in the past several years.
3. My house-though it is not completely finished the way I would like, I love our house.
4. My three dogs-they bring me a ridiculous amount of joy and are always happy to see me. They make me laugh every day. They are my loves.
5. My friends and church family-I have the best group of friends that I can always count on. Friends I've known my entire life to new friends at church are such a blessing.
6. My new LCD TV that is on it's way!! I got it for $450 off because I have been stalking the internet the past few months. Can't wait to play Rock Band on it.
7. My noise machine that I use at night to help me sleep. I can't sleep in silence. I turn it way up.
8. A great job in a field that will never lay anyone off. I have such appreciative patients and get to really take care of people.
9. Nylabones-they keeps the dogs entertained for hours!
10. Last but certainly not least-a forgiving God. I make a lot of mistakes!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and gets to spend it with the ones you love. Eat extra sweet potatoes for me (my mom made me my own batch so I wouldn't miss out!).

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