Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wedding Shower for Leslie

This past weekend was full of family time! On Saturday, Aunt Kim and Janene hosted a wedding shower for Leslie, my brother's fiance. It was at Aunt Kim's beautiful new house. Betty Dean prepared the food. It was fabulous, of course. Leslie received all kinds of useful things, including her 13 peiece Calphalon set from her grandmother. She was very suprised! Both the Ezell and Robinson sides of our family were at the shower making it even more special. The crew from Atlanta made the drive up for the shower and Grandmom's B'day. Leslie got to meet all the different family members. There's no way she'll remember all those names. Ben still has a lot of trouble with the huge Ezell side. Below are some pics from the shower.
Leslie's pile of gifts!

A view of the delicious food!
Leslie with her grandmother, Nanny, and Grandmom

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