Wednesday, September 10, 2008


What is this very ugly and disturbing creature? It's a chigger, and I was bitten my hundreds of them on Sunday when I went with Ben to change out a deer camera he had set up in the woods. I woke up about 2am on Tuesday morning with hard, red bumps all over my body but mostly below the waist. I could not stop scratching. I had to call out from work the next day because I was so miserable and I looked like I had chicken pox. Below is a picture of what my feet look like (not my foot but a pic I found online). Ben came home last night and found me clawing myself and called Dr. Pardue so I could get some medicine. He gave me a steroid pack and I'm better today, but I still have more bites. They can keep coming up to 48 hours later....yay. I've taken to using Ben's bristle brush to scratch my skin b/c it feels so good. Don't tell my mom, she was on me all day yesterday about scratching. I urge everyone to wear bug spray when you're going to be in the grass. I don't wish this misery on anyone!

On another note, today was my second nursing lab at Belmont. The students learned how to insert Foley catheters. I remember learning the same thing and worrying about it so much. They did the same thing. The students have to watch videos online before they come to lab to learn their skills. So, as I was watching the video on how to insert a catheter (so I could answer any questions they may have about the video), I kept waiting for them to switch to mannequin view for the actually insertion of the catheter. But, to my horror and shock, they use real people now!! Who in their right mind would volunteer to have a catheter inserted into their bladder and then have someone video the entire thing?! Absolutely crazy. I'm still in shock.
The lab went really well. I love the group of students I have. They are a lot of fun and really care about what they are doing. It makes me feel good that I can share my experiences with them.

Our basement carpet is going in tomorrow so I'll post before and after pictures once it's done. Ben's really excited to get his "man room" back.

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