Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Whenever there is food in our house, you can bet there will be three, four-legged beggars right under you. I trip over them all the time when I'm in the kitchen. Our dogs do not get table food or any people food (at least from me), so they really shouldn't be such awful beggars. Buster's hearing is going a little, but he can still hear the refrigerator door open from the other side of the house. He also can hear you open a cheese wrapper. But if you yell his name right beside him, he doesn't flinch. Funny huh? I decided to take a couple of shots of what it's like to eat in our den with the dogs in the room. Ben is eating Cheese Nips and he has three other pairs of eyes carefully watching him for any crumbs. Belle is on the left, Hoover in the middle, and Buster on the right. Hoover is very composed and well mannered, but the pugs just can't stand it. Ben is a lot less patient than me. He can't stand them staring at him!

A close up view...
This is what it looks like in the morning when I leave for work. They are so sad when I leave. I've started putting all the dogs in the same room. Belle used to get in her cage, but I feel so bad when I'm gone for 13 hours. All three cuddle in the chair right next to the door. Belle usually sleeps right on top of Hoover. It's funny how Belle is so reluctant to go in the room with the other dogs. She's so used to her cage that I have to pull her out from under the table so I can pick her up and put her in the office with the other dogs. They sure are creatures of habit.

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