Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ben's Manroom

Ben's "manroom" is finally finished! He is so excited. The carpet was not installed until Sunday, but it got done. We were not too happy with Lowe's when they pushed back the installation AGAIN. The first two pictures are of the room before the carpet. You really don't get the entire idea since we had already removed the faux brown brick indoor/outdoor carpet. I wish everyone could have seen it. It was hideous. The black on the floor is the foam backing from the green indoor/outdoor carpet that was beneath the brick. I don't know what the old owners were thinking. They were foreign if that helps. You can tell in the 2nd pic that the stairs were pretty messed up. They look so much better now.

The next two pics are of the room after the carpet was installed and after Ben had moved all the furniture back to its normal place. Yes, that is a boar's head on the wall in the bottom pic. His name is Earl. I don't mind Earl. He gives the room character. Ben's hoping to add another deer head to the wall this winter. He began scouting many months ago...

I'm so glad the room is finally finished. We've had all the contents of the room in our laundry area for a couple of months while we waited on the carpet to come in. Word to the wise...don't move your furniture til you have confirmed that the carpet will be in when they say it will. Who knew they had trouble getting materials to actually make the carpet?! Feel free to stop by and see us anytime!

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