Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve this year was held at mom and dad's. My mom's side of the family always celebrates Christmas Eve together. We eat a big meal and then play dirty santa with gift cards. Dirty santa was especially dirty this year! I love it! I look forward to this night more than any other because I truly love being with my family and continuing this long tradition! This year was especially fun since the girls had fun opening their presents. They definitely cared more about the wrapping and tissue paper than the gifts!

Nonna and Pops with their girls
Nanny with her great grandgirls

Nonna and Nanny with their girls

E was comparing her Elmo and Big Bird with Leah's. Yep, they are the same!

Opening a present

Still opening...

Modeling her new hat that Aunt Kim made

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book with figurines. A huge hit!

Abbs and E. The dress E is wearing is one Janene made for Alex and then Abby wore it. So special!

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