Sunday, May 3, 2009

Music City Pugnic 2009

Yesterday was the 5th annual Music City Pugnic. Yes, it's a picnic for pugs and the ones who love them. I really thought we were going to get rained out, but the weather held off long enough for us to go for a little while. Buster and I have been to all 5 Pugnics; we are so proud! It's held every year on the lawn in front of Trinity Church on Hillsboro Road. It's the perfect place because there are plenty of trees to shade the pugs. This year, we weren't worried about them getting too hot. Ben and I only took Buster this year because it was so wet and muddy. Belle is just too into things, and I would have had to hold her the whole time. I think she has "little pug" syndrome because she likes to pick fights with bigger pugs. Buster is very mellow and just walks around smelling everything. He does have to mark just about every thing that sticks out of the ground. Everyone always comments on his age because he looks so good to be 11. He's my little man and I think he had fun. We saw my friend Stacy and her pug Halle who we've seen at other Pugnics. It was good to see her and her baby boy Cooper.

Buster checking out the volunteers' pugs.
They are in a fence so their owners can work the Pugnic.

More cute.

My sweet little man being curious.

All the Pugnic shirts for sale. I had to buy the black one with the pink Pugnic on it.

Buster and his daddy. Normally there would be pugs everywhere in the background.
There just weren't as many this year since it rained.

The unofficial king and queen of Pugnic. They sat in that chair and did not even try to get down. They were very content. (and no, I would NEVER do this to my pugs.)

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