Thursday, May 21, 2009

3-D Ultrasound at 26 weeks

Today I had my second 3-D ultrasound. The first one did not go so well because Elliotte would not move her hands from her face. Today, she didn't do much better. I decided to pay for a 3-D US (insurance does not cover them outside a doctor's office) to make sure Elliotte was really a girl (after some convincing from Jennifer who is my go-to for everything baby). I did not want any delivery room surprises after prepping for a girl. A little boy would not be happy with the nursery the way it is or all the dresses we have received. I went to Focused Imaging on 21st Ave right across the street from Harris Teeter. The man who own the business does the ultrasounds, and he is so nice. The first time he worked with me for about an hour trying to get her to move to a good position. I did everything but stand on my head, and she would not budge. She even rolled over so we couldn't see her anymore. Stubborn already. So, the man offered to let me come back free of charge for another US in 2 weeks. I was so excited. My mom went with me the first time, and Ben went with me today since he was off work.
Today was a little better. She only had one arm in front of her face. We were able to get a few good pics but not of her whole face. She was a mover and shaker today! We can tell she has big lips like me! I'll try to describe the pics as best I can. I can't wait til we get to meet our beautiful baby girl in August!

Pic of her lips and chin.
The top pic below is a profile view. Her mouth is open and you can see her nose and left eye.
The bottom pic is of her left arm. She's got a good bicep!

Better pic of her pretty face. She's got her hand to her mouth and her eye is closed.

Best pic we got. She is kind of pouting her lips. Probably tired of us pushing on her. Her right hand is up at her cheek, and you can see her nose and left eye.

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