Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm going to be an Aunt!

Yes, you read that correctly, I am going to be Aunt Beth the beginning of December by way of Clay and Leslie! We are very excited for them, and could not be any more thrilled that Elliotte will have a cousin about 3 months younger than her. Hopefully they will be best friends! It was quite a shock to learn that my baby brother (by 14 months) was going to be a dad. Although to some, it was probably more of a shock that Ben Miller was going to be a dad! Their baby is due December 8th, a little over 3 months after Elliotte is due. We are going to be a busy family!

Clay and Leslie told us they were having a baby about 3 weeks ago. They asked us to go to dinner with them, and we went to Chili's. We were almost done with dinner when Clay said he had something to show me. The nurse in me immediately thought he was going to show me some awful mole that was probably skin cancer. What else would he need to show me? He pulled out an ultrasound picture and smiled. I said "whose is that?" That's the second time recently someone has done this to me, and I still ask that question. From now on I will assume it belongs to the person holding it. After I realized it was Leslie's and when the shock wore off, I was so excited. Ben picked Clay up and hugged him. They both asked if we were upset? How could I be upset? We are thrilled of course. While it did take us quite awhile to get pregnant, I am not the least bit jealous or upset. It is such an exciting time, and we can't wait for our little Elliotte to grow up with her cousin!

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Kristen said...

oh what wonderful news!! Katie and I had Mason & Cook 9 weeks apart and it is awesome!! It will be so much fun for them to grow up together:)
Congrats Leslie & Clay!!!!