Thursday, June 11, 2009

Family Baby Shower

This past Saturday I attended my family baby shower at Aunt Kim's house. It was hosted by Aunt Kim, Aunt Janene, and Nanny. To say that they went all out would be an understatement. The decorations were so beautiful. Aunt Kim had clear, pink pacifiers attached to her front porch topiaries with pink bows. She had Paige's old baby stroller and baby doll on the food table as the centerpiece. Hot pink roses were also on the table in silver trumpet vases. Betty Dean made all the food, and it was delicious brunch food. I was so flattered that so many of my family members were able to attend the shower. My Aunt Marian drove up from Atlanta to represent the Robinson side that lives down there. My mom, grandmothers, two best friends, great aunts, aunts, cousins (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th!), and even my great, great Aunt Sara were all there. It was such a special shower. I received so many pretty things for Elliotte. Everyone was so thoughtful. Sorry for all the pics, but I couldn't leave some of them out! I had over 80 to choose from...

Baby and baby stroller as the centerpiece on the beautiful table.
Larger view of the table and some of the food.

Me and mom.

Aunt Janene, me, Nanny, and Aunt Kim-the hostesses.

Outside crew enjoying their brunch.
L to R: Leslie, Paige, Meredith, April, Carole, and Alex.

My cousins (John and Janene's kids) each gave me a book that was their favorite growing up. They each wrote a little note on the inside of the book. Eric wrote "this is a great book!" It was so sweet.

Besties Drennon and Jennifer. Jennifer came from Dallas for the weekend to attend the shower. She's preggers with her third baby due in October. Drennon gets married next Saturday the 20th!!!

Elliotte's first swim suit. Hopefully we'll go to Destin this fall so she can wear it.

Heirloom gown from Nanny. This is a "Ben don't touch" dress!

Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls made by Mrs. Miller.

Cinde (Dad's sis in law), Aunt Marian (Dad's sister), and Grandmom (Dad's mom)

Cute dress for next summer.

Me and my great, great Aunt Sara. She hand stitched a pink bonnet and blanket for Elliotte. Something I will treasure forever. She will be Elliotte's great, great, great Aunt!

Aunt Kim made these cookies with Elliotte's name on them as favors. They were almost too pretty to eat!

Nanny, me, and Grandmom

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