Monday, March 30, 2009

Beth Miller, RN MSN Ed...Hopefully.

I have finally completed my Master's in Nursing Education program! I did it through the University of Phoenix and it was all online. It took about a year and 3/4 with only a 3 week break at the end to finish my project. I was very impressed with the program. It was tough, and I learned a lot from people all across the US. I made two great friends in the process even though I have never met them. These two ladies were such a great support, and we helped each other through our classes. Hopefully we will get to meet someday. I have to wait for my grade to post before I can officially order my diploma, that is why I say "hopefully." Ben gets upset with me for saying hopefully, but you never know. The instructor may hate my project! I think I will be fine, otherwise I would not have posted this. I'm so glad to have my life back and to not have to be on the computer every day unless I want to be. It will be weird not having to write a paper or do a Power Point presentation every weekend. Thanks to all of you who have asked how school is going and given me words of encouragement!


Terrie R said...

I knew you could do it. You have your dad's brains, thank goodness! Now maybe we will have some more time to shop and plan for the baby!! I love you and am sooooo very proud of you!

The Benders said...

Congratulations, Beth! What a great accomplishment!