Monday, April 6, 2009

It's a GIRL!!!

Well, today was the big day! Our ultrasound apt was at 8am so Ben could get to work by 9:00. As I was lying on the exam table, I had my first feeling that it was a girl. I just knew it. The US tech said she was 85% sure it's a girl. She just didn't want to move the right way. There was a lot of movement going on, and the tech said she really thinks she would have seen evidence of a penis if there had been one to see. I just kept saying "I don't see a pee pee" and Ben was holding his head in his hands. He was a little shocked at first, but now he's really excited. He's always wanted a girl, but he thought it would be better to have a boy first so she could have an older brother. He said I turned out fine being the older girl, so he's not worried. We got some great US pics and a DVD of the exam. I didn't get to see my regular doctor today b/c she was in India on vacation, but I saw another great doctor. She had actually done a rotation on my floor at the hospital a few years ago, so we talked about that for awhile. It was nice to know that one of the other doctors was just as nice and personal as Dr. Haney. I just love my OB.

Of course, right when I was finished with my doctor's apt, I went straight to mom and dad's. They are really excited. I told dad he was going to be coaching some softball again in the future. Mom and I went to Babies R Us and did some girl shopping. Not too much though. We also looked at fabric for the nursery and found some that I think is going to work. I'm eager to get started now that the nursery is almost cleaned out. Just a few pieces of furniture to move downstairs. The dogs have been moved to the downstairs bedroom (since the nursery was their room), and Buster has not adjusted well. He's "marked" everything from Ben's weight bench to Ben himself. That was pretty funny, but not to Ben. I knew Buster would need some extra time, so we moved him early so he could adjust. I'll just have to watch him to make sure he doesn't "mark" the baby when she comes!

Elliotte Lynn Miller frontal view. I think she looks like me. Ha.
Profile view. She has her hand to her face.

Butt view. No pee pee!


Jenny Beth said...

Yay!!! So excited for you all, hope you are feeling good. We will have to get Grant and your little one together sometime once she arrives. Take care and we are so happy for you!!

Maternity Mama said...

Oh- congratulations!! Little girls are so much fun:)

Cristie said...

Congrats, Andrew called me early yesterday from work with the news. Girls are so much fun!

The Roper's said...

Congrats!! I liked having my girl first...lots of fun clothes :) Excited for ya'll!