Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Baby Clothes

This weekend I took a trip to Clinton, TN (right outside Knoxville) with Lu and Claire to spend a couple of days at Su's house. Su was the perfect hostess making us dinner and breakfast while we were there. We ate, watched movies and shopped. Someone should have warned me that you shouldn't take a pregnant woman around baby clothes even if she doesn't know what she's having yet. I went a little nuts, and there is definitely a theme to the baby clothes I bought. No, we don't know what we're having yet, but all the clothes I bought were for a boy. Maybe that's a sign. Some will work ok for a girl, but I don't really care. It's what was on the clothes that made me buy them.

Can you see my theme? They are all dogs if you can't see the details. Nobody has pug clothes or I would have those too! If someone sees something with a pug on it, you better call me immediately!
A closer look. I just couldn't stand the doggie footies! They were too cute!

Everything dog.

I showed Ben all my purchases when I got home. I did buy him a new pair of shoes, so don't feel bad for him. He thought they were cute, and the dogs were probably better than tons of pink. He did politely tell me that he did not want our child dressed in dog clothes every time it left the house! We'll just have to see how much I find. Only two more weeks til we find out boy or girl!


caseyandnewt said...

yFun! My mom had me loaded up on yellows and greens before we knew boy or girl...lets just say yellow highlights an already jaundice baby! Very cute stuff.

caseyandnewt said...

oops! Sorry about the yFun!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe I'm using more restraint on buying clothes than you are. I'm holding off until we find out what you're having. But after that, there's no holding back!! Love you, Mom