Friday, March 20, 2009

New Kids on the Block!

On Monday, I finally got to see the New Kids on the Block 2o years late! I was a devout fan in middle school. I had all the tapes, knew every song, had a Danny poster over my bed, and I wore a Danny pin on my jean jacket. The pin was buried on the middle school playground because one of my friends thought Danny was ugly. Well, most of my friends thought Danny was ugly. I loved him! Drennon and I were so excited to go to the concert. She got to go when they were here 17 years ago. I begged, but wasn't allowed. I felt it was better late than never. It was an awesome concert. I've really never heard fans so loud. Makes me never want to go to a Jonas Brothers concert! We started out in the upper level, but when the show was about to start, an usher gave us lower level tickets to fill in the empty seats. We were pumped! They were great seats near the stage. We screamed and danced and so did everyone else. They sang their old songs and some of their new ones. I thought they sounded really good. I can die happy now that I've finally seen NKOTB!

Ready for the concert. See the baby bump?
Joey, Danny, Jordan, Jon, and Donnie

"The Right Stuff" with the trademark dance

Love it

Costume change

Stage 2 by the piano in the middle of the crowd. Look at Danny flexing his huge muscles!

Jordan's solo. Had to get a chest shot. He can still hit all the high notes.

Love this pic

Finale. Hangin Tough in UT jerseys. We loved that!

Enjoy the video below of "Step By Step" one of my favorites from the past.


Maternity Mama said...

Oh Beth- I cant even begin to tell you how jealous I am!!! Joey was my love!! I might have to come back to your blog 100 more times to watch the video clip :)

Zach and Kim said...