Monday, August 31, 2009

Elliotte 1 month

I can't believe my baby is one month old today! Elliotte is doing so well. She's a typical newborn: eating, sleeping, peeing, and pooping. She is having more awake time each day and sleeps really well at night in 3-4 hour increments. She loves her noise machine, being swaddled tightly and sleeping on her side. We've started going for strolls, and she falls fast asleep once we start moving. She's been a little gassy, and I've figured out that it's probably my eating dairy and Italian food. Tomatoes seem to be the culprit. So, no more tomatoes and cottage cheese for me. Since I've eliminated those foods, Elliotte has been fine. She's only fussy when she's dirty or hungry. She nurses most of the time, but takes a bottle from Ben every other night. So far we have not needed to use any formula. I'm loving the "freeness" of nursing. Doesn't cost a thing, and I don't have to tote bottles around everywhere I go! She does not take a paci. Sometimes my mom can get her to suck on one, but she definitely does not need it. She does not like her swing yet, but I've been told she will in a few more weeks. I wish it was big enough for me. It looks very comfy.
A week and a half ago she weighed 8# 3oz and was 20inches long. Elliotte has definitely grown since then. Her feet are peeking out the bottom of her newborn gowns and her thighs are getting small rolls! We've been getting out of the house a good bit. We've gone to church, a couple of friends' houses, and my parents house. I feel a lot better when I get out of the house a bit during the day. Elliotte travels well too. Such a good, sweet baby. We are blessed.
Her monthly pics will be made with my pug doll.
And Buster too. He's not one month; he's almost 12!

Going for a stroll today.

Already asleep.


The Roper's said...

What a cutie! And sounds like a good girl too :)

Tiffany Ann said...

That pug doll looks real!!! We still have a gift for you or rather Paul does for Ben- what is your address so I can send it out!