Friday, September 11, 2009

Grandmom's 85th Birthday

This past Sunday was my Grandmom's (Dad's mom) 85th birthday. We all surprised her with a party out at my Uncle Greg's house in Franklin. Grandmom had no idea. She thought she was coming out there to eat lunch with a couple people. She was surprised with all the Nashville family and then some of the Atlanta family. Aunt Marian, Renee, Mason, Bailey, Uncle Mike, and Sherrie drove up from Atlanta Sunday morning to surprise Grandmom. We definitely got her. She laughed and cried and was so happy everyone was there. We ate burgers off the grill and the kids swam in the pool getting out only long enough to eat really fast. I was so happy my Atlanta family drove up b/c we just don't see them enough. We missed the ones that couldn't make it and hope they get to come for Thanksgiving.
SURPRISE! Grandmom seeing everyone when she walked in.
Align Center
Aunt Marian with Elliotte. First time seeing her.

Sherrie and Uncle Mike with Elliotte.

Grandmom finding out Mom and Dad are taking her to see Vince Gill in concert. He's her absolute favorite.

Finding out she's sitting REALLY close.

Blowing out 8.5 candles.

Mason and Bailey

Renee holding Elliotte

Ben, Clay, Leslie, Kyle, and me with Grandmom

Uncle Greg, Uncle Mike, Dad, and Aunt Marian with the birthday girl.
She was so happy all her children were present.

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