Saturday, August 15, 2009

Elliotte's Second Week

My sweet baby girl is now two weeks old, and she still hasn't reached her due date!! She is doing so well now that we've got the nursing thing all figured out. She had reached a weight of 7# 3oz on Wed, so we're still working on getting back up to birth weight. She is eating like a pig so I wouldn't think it would be too hard.
We've still had visitors coming over to meet Elliotte this past week. She ended up with a little eye infection on Thursday, so we had to turn some people away. Sorry! She is doing the eating, sleeping, peeing, and pooping thing really well. She's in her big girl crib now after spending a week in a co-sleeper by our bed. She seems to like her crib and noisemaker just like her mom and dad. She's also taken to sleeping on her left side just like me.
Everyone has been asking me how all the dogs are adjusting. Overall, pretty well. Buster and Hoover just kind of ignore her. Hoover likes to check on her from time to time and sleeps on the rug in the nursery if I'm in there nursing. Belle is taking a little longer to adjust. Since she was the "baby" before Elliotte, she's not really understanding why I can't hold her as much. She wants to lick Elliotte in the face and be right up in her business all the time. But she gets better every day.
Not too many pics this week. I'll try to do better...

Ready for bed.
Cuddling with daddy.

This is how she sleeps. Loves having her hand up to her face. This was how she looked on all her ultrasounds pics too!

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