Friday, June 19, 2009

Maternity Pics

Last week we had Katie Mosley ( come to the house to take some maternity pictures before it got too hot and I got huge and swollen. Ben wasn't excited about the idea ("why do we need those?"), but I didn't really give him a choice. I am so happy with the ones I have seen so far that I had to post them. These were from the "sneak peak" Katie does on Facebook. She captured just what I wanted...casual and sweet. I wanted pics of us at our house with the dogs of course. They didn't behave quite as well as I wanted, but what can you expect when you want three dogs to look at the camera at the same time and one of them is deaf (poor Buster). Katie did most of the pics in the backyard and then took pics of us and the dogs out on our front porch. Enjoy!

Is it bad that this may be my favorite? I just love my little man!

29 week belly

Sweet Hoover licking her daddy. Belle and Buster were in this shot too, but they must have been misbehaving. They were by my legs.

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Zach and Kim said...

Very appropriate maternity pics! Wow those turned out great. That is an awesome pic of the 3 of yall. You look great.