Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Ben!

Today is Ben's 29th b'day, so I surprised him with breakfast this morning since he had to go to work. I made scrambled eggs, bacon, and biscuits. He was very happy since we usually just sit on the couch and eat cereal. He opened his gifts after breakfast and was VERY happy with his presents. He received Bass Pro gift cards from mom and dad and his favorite candies: Twizzlers and Reeces. I had to do a lot of looking for his gift this year. He mentioned awhile back that the Sopranos series would be the "ultimate" gift probably thinking that I would never get it for him. I searched online and on sale it was over $300! I couldn't pay that for his b'day, so I decided to see what I could find on eBay. After some careful watching and last second bidding, I got it for $125! I was very happy with myself. He was so surprised by the gift and said he would be the envy of all his friends. He quickly added that he would not be watching it with Elliotte around. I don't need her picking up on gangster lingo before she can speak.
While eating breakfast, Ben asked me if today really was his birthday? I said it was last time I checked, and he said great! Then he proceeded to feed Buster some of his bacon. Now, I NEVER give my dogs table food. Pugs gain weight very easily, so we just stick to dog food. It also makes them beg even more. Ben likes to sneak food to them when I'm not home or not looking. He just grinned as Buster was inhaling the bacon. He said "it's my birthday and you can't get mad at me!" Well played. Buster sure did enjoy the bacon. Luckily the other two were outside or they would have knocked over the table trying to get to it. Buster will probably have the runs later today, and I will hope that he makes it outside!

Ben about to enjoy his breakfast. Notice Buster looking intently at his plate.
Ben was very happy with his presents.
I also gave him a baby book for him to read to Elliotte.

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Cristie said...

Happy birthday Ben!