Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I've Been Tagged...

Megan Daniel tagged me on Facebook, but since I haven't posted in awhile I thought it would be more fun to post on my blog.
25 Things About Me! Oh boy! They are random as I thought of them.

1. I legally changed my name from Elizabeth to Beth after I got married.
2. I think my Dad is the smartest man in the world. I think the way my Mom does things is the only way to do it.
3. I only buy Quilted Northern toilet paper.
4. I sleep with a white noise sound machine turned up really loud.
5. Even though my hair is half way down my back, I can dry it in 4 minutes. Don't hate me.
6. I hate nuts but love peanut butter.
7. I think Hoover is the smartest dog in the world. Ask me how she saved Ben's life a few weeks ago! She saved him from me killing him! Funny story.
8. I can't watch people brush their teeth. It makes me gag.
9. I hate folding my laundry. I dump it out on the guest room bed and pick through it til it's all gone.
10. I am going to be a Matron of Honor for the first time in June and think it's the biggest honor in the world that I was asked by my best friend who has more friends than I can count.
11. I love my dogs WAY more than I should.
12. I talk to my dogs and answer for them. We have fun conversations.
13. My favorite singer is Richard Marx. I had "Now and Forever" played at my wedding.
14. My school nickname was Beefer. Erin Keckley still calls me that.
15. I read magazines from back to front a lot b/c the good stuff is in the back.
16. I am obsessed with taking care of my face. I wear 30spf moisturizer every day. I use two kinds of salicylic acid face washes, and glycolic acid lotion every day.
17. I went through hell for my teeth to be straight. Braces twice, oral surgery, tooth in the roof of my mouth that was pulled over with a rubber band, two veneers, root canals, etc. Thanks Mom and Dad!
18. I still miss my dog Allie. I can't take her pictures down. She was so feisty.
19. I have a hard time hiding my feelings. If I don't like you, you know it. Not my best quality.
20. I love the beach and would live there if my family was there also.
21. I have a hard time taking pills.
22. I never hit my snooze button. I don't even know how long it is.
23. I love being a nurse but wish it wasn't so hard physically.
24. I love to sing but won't sing in front of people unless I'm in church.
25. I can't wait to be a mom.


Tiffany Ann said...

those were great and quiet funny. I understand you on all the dog comments completely.

Lynette said...

Veeery interesting!
Me too on numbers 3, 8 (I thought I was the only one -- glad to know I'm not weird), 19, and 21.