Saturday, January 17, 2009

My little raspberry

This is the size of our baby right now. A little raspberry. has a week to week size comparison of the baby to fruits and vegetables. It really helps put things in perspective. I finally got some Zofran and Phenergan for my nausea. The Zofran really helps at work since it doesn't make me drowsy. Last night I took a Phenergan before bed b/c I felt realy sick and slept 12 hours! It was wonderful. I'm ready to see the signs that I'm pregnant since I just feel fat right now. I'm trying to eat what I'm supposed to, but yeah right. I eat whatever is close. I go back to my doctor on the 30th for my nurse visit, and then I start my OB visits. I love Dr. Haney and don't mind a bit going to see her. She knew we had been trying for a long time and was genuinely excited to know we are pregnant. Ben refers to my belly as a "he" b/c he wants a boy really badly. He says he has so much to teach. That is true, but our baby is not going to be holding a shotgun for a long time!
Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes and congrats. We really appreciate everyone thinking of us!

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The Roper's said...

I did not know until I read this!!!CONGRATS! I know that ya'll are so excited and that you will make great parents!!!