Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The "Furminator"

I am in Heaven!! I have found something to take care of all the shedding that comes from my dogs! I had seen The Furminator advertised, but it was always about $40. Well, I found it online through Amazon for $15 and bought it immediately! I used it for the first time tonight and am a true believer. Both the dogs were a little skeptical at first, but then they laid down and let me brush them like crazy. The brush removes the thick undercoat of fur. Both dogs look thinner and their coat feels great! If you have dogs that shed, get this brush!!

Too bad pug hair isn't in demand somewhere...
This is Hoover's hair after just one side! It was too dark when I got done to see all the hair. Just picture twice as much!


Tiffany Ann said...

We have one for our lab and it is awesome! Your pups look great

Anonymous said...

I ran across your blog in Google searching about pugs. I have one and love my spoiled little Zoey. ANywho, the furminator is a lifesaver!!!