Saturday, July 3, 2010


Two weeks ago, we took a week of work and headed South to Destin! It was a long awaited break for all of us. We were so excited to have Spud, Jennifer and baby Emily (8mo.) meet us there for a few days. They dropped the twins off in MS and met us there on Monday. I haven't seen Jenn in a year and was so excited to meet Emily and for her to meet Elliotte. We had a blast as usual and the girls were so good. They didn't really care that the other was there though. Elliotte loved the pool and the ocean. I think we'll have a beach bum in the future!

We had such a good time and can't wait to see y'all again! Love you Jenn and Spud!

Dinner the first night at the Whale's Tail. This was the first time E had seen the beach and ocean and she was so intrigued!
Sweet, innocent face!

Toes in the water for the first time.

She liked it so much I let her get in with her clothes on!

Walking in the water

Nekkid baby!

Pool time!

Swimming with daddy on Father's Day

Taking it all in...

Dinner at the Crab Trap

Hey, that's my toy!

The only pic I got of me and Jenn

We settled for dinner at Johnny Rockets after we tried Red Bar, Pandora and Hartsell's. We just couldn't wait with the babies. We did get fabulous milk shakes and burgers though!

Day at the beach when the tarballs rolled in...

I love that their hands are in the exact same position. Curious about the sand.

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