Monday, July 5, 2010

Elliotte 11 Months

I cannot believe I am writing the post before my baby's 1st Birthday! Where has the time gone?Elliotte can be summed up in one word...BUSY! She never sits still. She is going, going, going until I put her in the bed. I've had several moms tell me that she is way more active than most 11 month olds. Really? They aren't all this insane?! Mom has nicknamed her Scooter which is very fitting. Elliotte is so much fun and has a great personality. She is happy, determined, independent and fun.

At 11 months, Elliotte:
is off the bottle
is drinking whole milk, YAY!
is eating 3 meals & 2 snacks
is going to MDO 1 day and loving it
laughs when she sneezes
is taking 2 naps a day
recognizes the dogs' names (looks at Buster when you ask "Where's Bubba?")
loves to be "chased"
loves to play peek-a-boo
is getting one tooth on top
is in love with her Pops (my dad)

11 Months!
Loves her pugs, stuffed and real!

Hard to get these two to cooperate!

E and Montgomery "sharing" my keys at Austin's party.

Buddies at Austin's 1st B'day party. E, Austin, Montgomery

Chewing on the baby gate that once was a dog gate.

Even chews on the baby jail at my parent's house.

Holding her own bottle. Actually playing with it. That's when I realized I could take it away. And yes, she is laying on a pug pillow. She looks so big in this picture. :(


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