Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Welcome to the 2nd Trimester. Love, the Flu

I was graciously welcomed into my second trimester last week by my new friend, the flu. I started feeling bad Monday night and spent most of the night coughing. Because I'm not one to miss work, I went in the next day only to leave after lunch. Everyone kept telling me I looked awful, and I felt awful, so I went home. I had 100.4 temp when I got home, so I called my Mom and crawled in bed. It's been a long time since I felt that bad. Luckily Mom stayed with me the next few days to make me eat and drink and take my Tylenol. I didn't help that I couldn't breathe at all through my nose, so I had to use a humidifier at night. Mom brought me soup, fruit, magazines, and everything I needed to try and make me feel better. Don't know what I would have done if she wasn't able to come over and help. Ben likes to take care of me, but he doesn't have the "mom" touch. I'll be 50 years old and will still call my mom when I'm sick. I was finally able to go back to work yesterday and had so many people tell me that I had lost too much weight. Well, I was really sick! I'm not worried though. I'll gain it all back when we go to Naples in a week and a half. Nanny makes the best cinnamon toast for breakfast, and we'll eat ice cream with homemade chocolate sauce after dinner every night. I can't wait to go to Naples. It will be a much needed vacation.

In other news, I finished my Master's classes on Monday (had to write a paper with the flu)! I present my (unfinished) Practicum project the middle of March. So, I'm working to get it done the next few weeks. I will be completely finished with my MSN March 30! It has been a long, hard, frustrating road, and I won't know what to do when I don't have to be on the computer every day. Ben thinks the laptop is permanently attached to me.

I go back to the doctor next Thursday and will schedule my ultrasound that day. We'll know pretty soon whether we'll have an Elliotte Lynn or Robinson William in the house! I can't wait!


The Roper's said...

So sorry :( Mommy's are the best when you don't feel good!

Terrie said...

I'm 55 and still want my mommy to take care of me when I get sick. Guess that's where you get it from!

Jenny Beth said...

Hope you feel better real soon. Rest and fluids, you know the drill!!