Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Girls

I have been keeping Becca and Jenna now for almost 10 years. I feel like they are my own. I've helped raise these two and am extremely proud of them. They are "the girls" when I talk about them. Becca is now 12 and Jenna is 10. My babies are all grown up. You know they are getting old when you can have a meaningful conversation with a 12 year old about Coach purses and their Xmas lists have nothing under $100 on them!
This weekend, I got to spend two days with them. Friday night I kept Jenna and her friend Trevey after work while John and Vanessa went to a Christmas party. Today, I kept both the girls for the Titans game. I took them to eat at the Cheesecake Factory for a Christmas treat. It was so much fun. Jenna was texting Ben on my phone and knew how to use it better than I did. Becca wants a Coach purse for Christmas, so I was instructing her about how to pick one with a "timeless" pattern and color. I can't believe they are so old which makes me even older! Jenna can't sit still and dances and cheers all over the place. She can move her body in ways that should be illegal. Becca is the smartest kid I know. She's so intellectual and athletic. She plays travel soccer on an Olympic development team. We will see her on TV someday for soccer. I love these two so much! They will always be my babies no matter how old they get.

Jenna being goofy. She loves the camera.
Very talented! Becca's salad was as big as her, and it was the lunch portion.

We had to get cheesecake.

Ready to eat it up.

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