Monday, January 9, 2012

A Little Organization to Begin 2012

I don’t know about everyone else, but taking Christmas decorations down starts the slippery slope of getting things organized and purging in our house! Nothing is safe! I’ve cleaned out my closet, E’s toys, Ben’s closet, and the garage. There is lots more that needs to go!

Our kitchen table seems to be the catch-all for everything when we come in the house. It’s been driving me crazy having E’s bags and coat right there where we eat our meals. I didn’t know what to do with all her stuff until I spied this little guy at IKEA last month and knew that it would solve our bag and coat problem! I had the perfect wall for three of these, and at $1.99, they were a steal. Who doesn’t love a cute little dog bootie hanging on the wall?! I knew E would love them!

This is the wall by our backdoor. I’ve got my dry erase calendar on it which I have resolved to actually use this year! I knew the hooks would fit perfectly below the calendar, and they would be low enough so E can hang her bags and coat on her own. She loves to hang her coat on the back of the chair, so hanging it on a dog tail hook on the wall should be a no-brainer.

Here they are hung on the wall all ready for some stuff! I think they are so cute! They are really strong too. They can hold two bags of stuff without any problem!


My little, nekkid girl was very excited to hang her coat on her own hook.

I’m so happy this stuff is off our table and hanging on the wall! E comes inside and takes off her coat and hangs it straight on a hook. We also know exactly where her bags are and can get to them easily.

See those black cabinets in the top right corner of the pics above? Well, they are black no more! I’m finishing up the cabinet doors today, so hopefully I will have some pics to show you this week. They are looking really good! It’s amazing what a little lot of white paint can do.

Happy Monday!



Ashley said...

Those dog bum hooks are super cute, and so is your kid! :)

Our kitchen table is a catch-all as well. It drives me bonkers!

elaine said...

love this! so cute! I'm working on plans for my little guy's "big boy room" and plan to use those exact same hooks! I'll be posting my plans later today on my blog if you want to check them out :).