Saturday, October 16, 2010


On August 17th, after many, many ear infections, Elliotte had tubes put in her ears. I was very excited for the procedure b/c I knew it would help her feel better. I imagined a fall and winter without an ear infection every two weeks and was on board immediately. Dr Viner at Baptist did the surgery. He's wonderful, and you get to avoid the craziness of Vandy and go to Baptist. I knew Dr. Viner from one of my former jobs, so he was an easy pick. Elliotte loved him too!

Our initial visit to Dr. Viner.

I think she was pleased she wasn't at the Peds office!

Surgery Day at Baptist Surgicare. She got a stuffed frog to distract her. E did really well, and after the anesthesia wore off, it was like nothing had ever happened! The surgery took about 7 minutes!

Riding in the wagon before surgery

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